our Syrup is 100% organic and made of Love!


Hello to all you maple syrup lovers and soon to be lovers. My name is Krista and I’m a 3rd generation organic maple syrup and organic maple sugar maker. My grandfather starting making 100% pure maple syrup in the ’50’s and my father is now the leader of the family owned/operated maple production.

Our maple sugar bush is located in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, where we have been tapping some of the same maple trees for three generations now. Our maple syrup and sugar is all small batch and single sourced; meaning that we don’t blend like big packaging companies. it is all made from our maple trees in our “sugar house”. Each day, even throughout the day, our maple syrup can, and does, change in color and flavor making each batch unique in color and taste.


Our 100% pure organic maple syrup and sugar is low on the glycemic index making it a healthier choice for all you sugar needs. Use as a substitute for all recipes just like my family has been doing for three generations. Many folk use organic maple syrup when doing a “Master Cleanse” because it has naturally occurring minerals, that our bodies need to stay healthy, and over 65 antioxidants. 


With all our knowledge of maple syrup/maple sugar, combined with our desire to explore the out-of-doors, we have decided to use our organic maple syrup and organic maple sugar to make athletic energy products. Our powdered hydration products have five simple, transparent ingredients that are good for you and will give you the energy you need to power your adventure.

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Try maple syrup or sugar in your morning coffee/tea, or the Tree Juice Maple Hydration or Sticky Boost Energy Gel while out training for a race, or perhaps your putting in a long day at your desk…for get the afternoon coffee…let us give you the pick-me-up you need!!